Thursday, 11 December 2008


Its been over a week now since Bonnie linked me and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart (mmm thats sounds like a good name for a blog) to all you lovely people for taking time to stop by and leave comments, best wishes and encouragment, this means a lot to me. I have some very interesting blogs to catch up on.

I think I may be in trouble though. As you can immagine I have been preoccupied with the blog and have made some silly mistakes at work which I know P has not been happy with. He said he wants a word with me this weekend. Oops.



Tiggs said...

I don't think that sounds like an ooops! More like a spanking good time!!!

But yeah, seriously, this is something to be very watchful of... spending too much time and energy in cyberspace and losing track of your real life responsibilities and duties. Trust me, it is VERY easy to get absorbed and consumed without even realizing it, and pulling away is not nearly so easy or painless...

Have fun, but just be careful! Keep asking yourself if you are still blogging, reading, commenting for the same reason... for YOU, not because anyone else wants or expects anything.

Now, go have a spanking good time!!!


ronnie said...

Dear Tiggs, thank you for this. I did not realise how much time I have devoted to posts this week.

I will take care but if it gets me a spanking maybe I wont :)

No, seriously I will, much appreciate your advise.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand, it's been hard for me to stay focused at work..I work at a computer for part of my day and i find myself starting a post or reading someone else's that just got updated. This blogging world is very addictive. I am trying to pull the reigns in but it's not easy. So I am glad you are posting this. It's a good reminder for me. Best of luck to you with P on this matter this weekend. Keep us posted.
Take care,

ronnie said...

Hey Andrades, thanks for stopping by. I truly didn't realise how much time it was taking up bt honest P is correct it cannot priority.

I think Tiggs has wise words (she has been blogging for a while).

We did have words last night but that was all not sure how it will go.

Have a good weekend.


ronnie said...

Hey me again, sorry Andrades, my mind is not with it.

Silly mistakes. I meant "but honestly P is correct it cannot take priority.


Bonnie said...


You're very welcome. I enjoy introducing new friends to old friends. I think building those connections helps to keep our community strong, active, and vital.

I've wasted a lot of time writing about wasting time writing. The place I always end up is that there must be a line where cyber life stops and real life begins. It's different for each of us, but I think setting and respecting that line is the key to maintaining perspective.

Happy blogging!

ronnie said...

Hello Bonnie, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. Your a star linking and letting us newbies in.

You are very experienced with blogging and know how much time it can take up.

I just jumped in, need to take a step back.