Friday, 5 December 2008

Spanked with Roses

Yes, your truly, it is me, and one of the very rare occasions I'm likely to share a shot of my derriere with the world but it was a memorable and totally unexpected event. My birthday actually (yes I know another birthday spanking story but I got caught short after Bonnie linked me, wont be all about birthday spankings but this one is nice) and I got roses, two bunches in fact, one of which went into a vase and the other was used for my birthday spanking.

Now let me explain. This was out of the blue to me but P had obviously thought it out, the roses were the ones without thorns so no worries there and the stems were long and supple. Stripped of a few leaves (to cut wind resistance P said) and held by the petals end they made a birch-like spanking implement, still wet from their wrapping, formidable I can assure you with hindsight; though being roses and my favourite flower, they did not appear so at the time, prior to use and I had a whole new regard for roses after.

In fairness P gave me the choice - hand on bare bum OTK or Roses on bare bum OT leather sofa arm. I love OTK but couldn't resist the roses. A minute later I was wishing I hadn't, an hour later I was glad I had. No idea how many strokes I got but those stems hurt they really did, and then P stopped and turned them round and started spanking with the petals end, which was bushier but with lots of tiny little stems which stung. Now, having no history of roses spankings to compare with I'd had no idea how effective they would be, or that some of the stems would break, or that my bum would be stinging so wickedly evenly all over, or that I would end up covered in rose petals, which P said looked lovely and snapped on his phone to show me later, hence the photo.

So what about the birthday sex that followed? Well it didn't. What followed was me clearing up loads of petals from the sofa especially down the back of the cushions, and both of us going back to the office to finish some work which had to be out by the end of the afternoon. And an hour or so later, sitting on my swivel chair with a bum still radiating heat, I thought how nice it felt and wondered if it would last till we went out to eat later. I hoped so. If not, well there was always that second bunch in the vase.BTW - his photo doesn't tell the truth, my bum was MUCH redder than that, I think the light affected it.



Brambleberry Blush said...

Ronnie~ This is great! We are already kindred spirits. The roses for a whipping--total genius! Romance and a spanking too. How do I subtly suggest the same to Ben? P is very creative. All the best for many happy spankings.


ronnie said...

Thanks Carly, do you really want him to be that creative, I wasn't joking when I said I was stinging after. Maybe let Ben read blog but don't blame me if it gives him the idea:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie
I just found your blog.
I am enjoying it. A Roses romantic. I guess it was more romantic before and after rather than during tho. A very pretty picture. Thanks for sharing.
Take Care
Andrades Girl

Jflame said...

Hi Ronnie.
I hope P took the thorns off of the rose stems (shudder).
I may post a pic of my red bottom tommrow along with my report I hav'nt decided yet. I do know that there's no way it will look as good as yours.

Hugs, Jay

ps nice to have another Brit out there. lol

ronnie said...

Hi Andrades,

Thanks for coming by. It was one of my most memorable spankings and one I do hope P repeats.


ronnie said...

Hello Jay, no thorns.

Not many of us Brits out there or at least I haven't found any, your the first.

Thank you for the lovely comment, I was in two minds whether to publish the picture but P said I must and glad I did.

Go ahead and be a devil. I will be interested to read your blog later and see what you have decided.


sixofthebest said...

Your blog states that you are over 50 years young, the other day I saw the Golden Globe awards, and two of the presenters were Sophia Loren, and Helen Mirren, whose beauty still reigns supreme, they being over 60, and still looking most spankable. Ronnie be it with Roses, or a cane. I sure would love to spank all three of you, on your bare bottoms.