Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Presents, Pasta & Punishment

So even tiny businesses like ours get shopping days at xmas, kind Sir gave me the day off or most of it for shopping (our son's coming home and we haven’t seen him for a few months, can’t wait and didn’t want to spend weekend shopping), not that I'm shopping quite as much this year with the current economic climate.

Funny isn't it, almost every newspaper and news channel gives dire warnings about tightening our belts we're in for a very rough ride, yet on the other hand we're told we need to SPEND otherwise all our favourite high street names will go out of business and we'll have nowhere left to shop. If we even have any money to. So which is it, guys, do you want us to SPEND or SAVE because we can't do both.

I went on the train to Birmingham (our second city) P dropped me off at the station with a kiss and a stern “don’t spend too much”. Or else. Ooh or else what? but he didn't follow up. Anyway nothing much happened except I got about three quarters what I wanted to get and got back in time to be collected and whisked back to the office to catch up on my mail. We'll work over a bit, then eat out tonight to save cooking, nice little pasta house in our local town, all fresh fair prices and friendly, looking forward. In fact I'm doubly looking forward because I was thinking on the train about last weekend and that 'punishment' spanking which still hasn't been put to bed and it's bugging me so I'm going to bring it up and clear the air, I'll also run through the present list and what we've got and what's left to get.

So thats the plan, I'll let you know how it went, I've also got a few stories I want to share with you, quite a few actually, all true and just the job when there's a lull in realtime drama.


Jflame said...

Birmingham huh? I went there once!
Nice to see i'm not the only one still doing crimbo shopping.
hugs, jay

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie
I also get a bit conflicted about shopping and spending money etc. I also think that we are still gauging the economy in an old fashioned kind of way ie, how the local stores and malls are doing. I for one as well as millions of others I think do most of my shopping and xmas shopping on-line, (and i even use hsn, or qvc tv shopping channels)so I think that kind of sku's the stats a bit. It also makes holiday shopping way more peace filled for me.I think shopping malls mite have to re-think their priorites and become a more service oriented place rather than just a shopping place. Any way back to the Important stuff. I am happy for you that your son is coming home, I think that is the best part of life, when you can spend time with loved ones. I look forward with baited? breath to your next posts. I just love them!
Take Care,

Tiggs said...

JFlame, go back to bed! You are too sick to be playing online and you are most likely going to hear about it if your Dom catches you! (Just trying to protect your very exposed backside!)

Oh, and Ronnie, I quite agree about looking forward to each and every one of your posts... spanking or not! You have a great inner style that comes through more and more as you let yourself just "be" here on the web.

I'm ever so glad we've found each other!

Hugs and good wishes,

ronnie said...

JFlame - Once is enough. I always leave Xmas shopping until I really have to do it. They say retailers have big sales, well I must have had my eyes closed because I couldn't see any.
You should take heed of Tiggs and go back to bed or maybe not and see what you get, would be good reading. Hope your better soon.

Andrades hi - We are all so busy these days and have to make the most of times with family which seem to get less and less. We are really looking forward to the weekend when sons back and are visiting family over Christmas.

Never shopped on line except for the od book from Amazon. I do try and shop at our local small shops when I can but they just can't compete with the big boys and so many closing down.

I am very happy for you Andrades and can't wait for more.

Tiggs dear - You are very kind, thank you for your comments. I am thoroughly enjoying sharing.

You really do make me smile, I love your posts and your pictures.

I have had some lovely comments and plenty of support and thank you all.

Happy holidays.


PK said...

Great about your son coming home. Mine is coming home too and I get to see him tonight!! We do miss our boys when they are gone don't we. I keep saying I am not going to get anything else and then I do - I hope it's helping the economy!

I am anxious to read your stories. I would love for you to share one for Fantasy Friday if you are willing, it can be something that really happened or pure fantasy. Think about it.


Brambleberry Blush said...

I just finished the shopping and we put serious effort into spending our money at the local shops. It makes you feel better to see the owner there and adding a smile to their face as you add to their coffers.

Guess that there won't be much spanking with your son at home. Oh, well, we have to sacrifice sometimes.


ronnie said...

PK - I hope you had a wonderful evening with your son home. I'm counting the hours. I know what you mean, I see something in the shop and think mmm son would love that.

PK - I thank you for your asking me for a Fantasy Friday story, I would love to contribute but not sure if I could write anything, the stories from you guys are very good. Maybe in the New Year :.


ronnie said...

Hi Cary, couple more and thats me finished. Yes we should always try and support our local shops.

It gets worse, we are spending Christmas holidays with family in a pub in Wales (beautiful countryside)they have private rooms above the pub but a few of us are staying there so probably no spankings but if an opportunity arises I am certain P will oblidge.

Happy holidays to you and Ben Carly.