Thursday, 4 December 2008


I nearly fell of my chair yesterday, there I was a work (towards end day) and decided to check out some blogs, so Bonnie being one of my favourites, was the first one I went to, Bonnie had kindly put links to new blogs :), so had a look through and saw one called Heart and Soul, Oh somebody with the same blog name as mine, better take a look, well I was flabbergasted, it was mine, help, how had Bonnie found it, I had just started experimenting, didn't think anybody would find it, wasn't ready for the world yet

I will have to get my act together, going to have to ask P for some help, not very good with computer stuff. Please bear with me, I'll get posting soon

Bonnie I don't know how you found it but sincerely thank you and hi and thanks to Todd and Suzy over at



Hermione said...

Bonnie is very efficient, and loves to help fledgling bloggers.

Welcome to our world.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I felt the exact same way when Bonnie highlighted my blog over a year ago. Excited, nervous, and eeek I better get writing! I am so glad I did. Welcome to blogging! Sara